lepestriny (lepestriny) wrote,

Mlk March Day - полиция с энтузиазмом атакует BLM.

NYPD, Protesters Clash In Manhattan; 30 Arrests

Police ATTACK BLM Protesters in New York (RAW VISION)

... The NYPD reported 29 protesters were arrested throughout the demonstration, and 10 officers had been injured. They claimed an officer was hit in the head with a bottle, as social media footage showed police roughly take down protesters...

Правые всего-лишь хотят захватить власть "для порядку".
А леваки реально мешают ездить!
BLM protesters shut down the freeway in Seattle.

Возмутительные перекрытия хайвеев! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEHMPm3-vEg
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