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Непередаваемая игра слов, когда russians и rations произносятся одинаково.

В английские армейские рационы ввели карри.
British army introduces curry into military ration packs

1. Soldier prepares to cook meals on open fire
2. Fried food sizzling in pan
3. Soldiers adjusting fire and cooking meals
4. Close-up of campfire in hole in ground
5. Wide shot of of army encampment with campfire in foreground
6. Two soldiers in combat gear march through wood and stop to eat
7. Soldiers place packets of chicken curry and balti rice on small stove
8. Soldiers mix curry and rice together and eat
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Flight Officer Jos Wilson, Airborne assault unit:
"This is the chicken balti with rice. It's quite nice. It makes a change from the more stodgy food that we're used to in the ration packs."
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Corporal Gareth Saunders, Airborne assault unit:
"Times change. The old menu stuff like corned beef hash, the lads won't have had at home, like they would in the old days. But they will have had curry. It's something they're used to, their palate is agreeable to it. They will eat it, rather than try and hide it from me or bury it."
11. Contents of ration packs laid out on ground
12. Close-ups of packets of curry and rice
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Wing Commander Keith Willox, Military catering chief
"We're introducing a new range of menus to the British military ration pack. In particular we're introducing a range of dishes - some curries, chicken balti and a lamb curry - that are proving very popular with our troops. (Q Who could end up supplying this?) It could be anybody. At the moment we have two suppliers within the United Kingdom. However we have recently received samples from India and Singapore that we're interested in. So we are interested in broadening out the market. But we're most interested in high quality products, so we give our soldiers, sailors and airmen the very best in their ration packs."
14. Pull out from army cook to wide shot of soldiers in camp.
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